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BRW - 7 July, 2014
America no pie in the sky for Garlo’s: first US store to open in August
BRW magazine - 12 June, 2014
The boy from Bankstown making millions from celebrity promotion in NYC
BRW - 4 December, 2014
Meet the new wave of female entrepreneurs
SmartCompany - 17 November, 2014
Key questions before committing to that grand idea
Fairfax Money - 23 January, 2015
Top holidays needn't be costly ones
BRW - 17 February, 2015
Supre heir's bid to clean up fashion
BBC Worldwide - 19 March, 2015
Big Brother technology hits Westfield
BRW - 9 March, 2015
Ugg boot manufacturer devices strategy for survival
Fairfax Money - 19 March, 2015
The complex relationship between women and money
BRW - 6 April, 2015
The dangers of DIY advertising for entrepreneurs
Fairfax Property - 14 April, 2015
Netting a better rental return
Fairfax Property - 10 March, 2015
Scrooge landlords not helping themselves
SmartCompany - 26 May, 2015
Should you dump Facebook for Instagram in your business?
BBC Worldwide - 4 June, 2015
The Epicurean dream Down Under
SmartCompany - 15 June, 2015
Why are so many of you claiming to be an entrepreneur?
The Mandarin - 29 April, 2015
Putting Australia's regional resilience to the test
BRW - 6 July, 2015
Placenta jewelery - marketing taboo products
QView - 10 August, 2015
The rise and rise of Instagram as a marketing tool
QView - 10 August, 2015
Startup scene is exploding
QView - 10 August, 2015
Why procurement is the new black in business
BBC Worldwide - 26 August, 2015
Tiny trackers could help solve global honey bee death mystery
Fairfax Media - 30 August, 2015
Sending 526 resumes finally pays off
BRW - 9 July, 2015
You can make the world more like you want it to be
BRW - 20 October, 2015
Fast Starters
BRW - 20 October, 2015
Fast 100
BBC Worldwide - CAPITAL - 4 November, 2015
What will Australian workers do next?
QView - 5 November, 2015
How to deal with rapid expansion
The New Daily - 8 February, 2016
The 7 things all home buyers want
The Age - 8 December, 2015
Australia Post cops it on Facebook
The Age - 21 December, 2015
Australians brace for $1 stamp price hike
The Sydney Morning Herald - 8 February, 2016
Australians bet their house on their big business idea
ShortPress - 8 March, 2016
How poor physical health can affect your business
Procurious - 28 August, 2016
Mitigating risk in procurement
The Sydney Morning Herald - 8 August, 2016
9 ways to get customers to love your business
The Age - 1 August, 2016
Daily rejections keep Hard to Find true to its name
The Sydney Morning Herald - 4 July, 2016
How this small business owner cut $30,000 a year
The Sydney Morning Herald - 20 June, 2016
Fathers juggle parenting and a new business
The Sydney Morning Herald - 22 June, 2016
Secret power of advisory boards to super-charge small businesses
The Mandarin - 20 May, 2015
How to spot dodgy CVs
The Australian Financial Review - 1 June, 2016
Forcite helmets give Source IP headstart
The Age - 26 September, 2016
Stolen business ideas: what happens when your innovation is plagiarised
The Age - 17 October, 2016
Here's how viral posts can build a business
The Age - 6 October, 2016
Are you brave enough to take the leap into freelancing?
The Age - 6 October, 2016
6 ways to managing your work when freelancing
The Age - 14 November, 2016
Small business owners beating the odds and succeeding
The Sydney Morning Herald - 13 March, 2017
Meet the folks running their business from a retro caravan
The Sydney Morning Herald - 27 March, 2017
The business owners without a website
Fairfax Money - 30 March, 2017
How the Girl Guides are tackling financial literacy
The Sydney Morning Herald - 4 April, 2017
How SMEs fared over the long hot summer
The Sydney Morning Herald - 14 April, 2017
Flow Hive stung by Chinese copycat
INTHEBLACK - 27 April, 2017
Countdown to super changes
The Age - 23 May, 2017
Measuring marketing a major issue for SMEs
The Age - 5 June, 2017
Thinking outside the box
The Age - Money - 19 June, 2017
Meet the Australians reinventing retirement
The Sydney Morning Herald - 16 June, 2017
Tax time claims
The Age - 27 June, 2017
Why I won't bother crowdfunding again
The Age - 5 July, 2017
Meet the man selling D-K cup bras
The Age - 12 July, 2017
Know the score: what the new credit reporting system means for you
Domain - 25 July, 2017
The Hills Shire to review lot sizes
The Age - 7 August, 2017
Avant Card
The Australian - 12 September, 2017
Equity Crowdfunding coming to Australia
The Sydney Morning Herald - 20 September, 2017
Sit in front of the computer all day? Maybe you need glasses
INTHEBLACK - 28 June, 2017
When is a contractor really an employee?
INTHEBLACK - 30 May, 2017
How to implement value-based billing
The Sydney Morning Herald - 27 September, 2017
Late payments for SMEs
Brisbane Times - 16 October, 2017
Australia Post shut-down causes mayhem
The Age - 30 October, 2017
Meet the multimillion dollar barista
The Australian Financial Review - 1 November, 2017
Australia's fintech sector is firing on all cylinders
The Australian Financial Review - 1 November, 2017
Analysts provide different perspective than trusting gut
INTHEBLACK - 30 November, 2017
Practitioners go that extra mile for a good cause
Brisbane Times - 4 December, 2017
When the post is a nightmare for small businesses
The Age - 15 January, 2018
Growth hacks for SMEs
Brisbane Times - 3 February, 2018
Online entrepreneur faces copycat
The Age Money - 4 February, 2018
Perfect storm brewing in gig economy
CEO magazine - 12 February, 2018
Addressing the gender pay gap
The Age - 14 February, 2018
Are you being ripped off on international money transfers?
Brisbane Times - 21 February, 2018
Data breach laws come into play
The Age - 22 February, 2018
Inside the world of multi-level marketing
The Age - 1 March, 2018
Making a living from drinking champagne
The Age - 4 march, 2018
Legal stoush between two champagne dames


17,000 words for procurement industry website, Procurious. This project included the writing of 30 profiles and 10 news articles.
Virgin Money ebook
Virgin Super SmarterSuper [PDF]
StartupSmart - Elance-Odesk - 12 September, 2014
How to scale up, scale back and keep your startup flexible
Women’s Agenda - 27 August, 2014
How an MBA gave Sarah French the confidence to succeed
Sensis ebook
Supercharge your website [PDF]
Sensis ebook - December, 2014
Social media for SMEs
Tourism Tasmania - November, 2014
Tourism Tasmania promotion
Ezidebit ebook - February, 2015
Payments made simple in your SME
Westpac Business - February, 2015
How to foster a startup spirit
Telstra Smarter Business Ideas - 17 March, 2015
When is DRTV right for your business?
Telstra Smarter Business Ideas - 7 March, 2015
How to drive foot traffic into your store
Thought leadership pieces - 2015
For thought leaders
NAB - 14 October, 2015
Procurious - 1 March, 2016
Australia Post - 20 April, 2016
Australia Post - 26 April, 2016
BBC Capital - 4 July, 2016
Content for Ozforex
The Mandarin - July 2016
Partner content
Leaders in heels - July, 2016
Here's how to find and hire a creative freelancer
The Mandarin - September, 2016
Partner content creation for ASX-listed companises
Steadfast - 18 October, 2016
Women in business
Steadfast - 17 October, 2016
Cyber security for businesses
Steadfast - 2 December, 2016
Travelling for business
Steadfast - 18 January, 2017
How to manage debt in your SME
Steadfast - 16 March, 2017
Cloud accounting for your SME
Swisse - 16 October, 2016
Popping the lid on complementary medicines
Steadfast - 6 June, 2017
Avoiding scams at tax time
Steadfast - 6 June, 2017
Preparing for tax time
Yahoo 7 - 1 August, 2017
City of Gold Coast - August, 2017
Business content in lead-up to 2018 Comm Games promoting the Gold Coast to Canada
City of Gold Coast - August, 2017
Business content in lead-up to 2018 Commonwealth Games promoting the Gold Coast

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Nina is more than a creative, talented, efficient freelance writer that I regularly engage to write articles and content that always hit the mark. She’s a sharp sounding board for ideas and angles, well researched to support the theme of the piece, and she’ll work with you to ensure you’re 100% happy with the final output. She’s entrepreneurial and thinks outside the box. I’ve known Nina for many years, and, quite simply, she nails it every time.

Sally Locke Founder, Amplify Communications

Thank you (again!) for your hard work on the ‘Guide Your Money’ article for Fairfax Media. It has appeared in 131 metropolitan and regional publications across Australia. Naturally, we are absolutely thrilled and grateful to you! We look forward to continuing the conversation with you into the future.


Charlotte Regan National social media coordinator, Girl Guides Australia

Nina has been instrumental in helping us establish Steadfast’s new blog, Well Covered. As the editor, she understood our audience and can always be counted on to meet a deadline.


Jacqui Henderson Steadfast marketing manager, content and social

Nina’s a very intelligent writer who can turn complex ideas and research papers into newsworthy stories that can be easily published. She always meets the brief and delivers on time.

Catriona Pollard CEO, CP Communications

Nina, I’ve now edited all three of your submissions and wanted to thank you for your great story-telling! You did a great job explaining the challenges and solutions of all three companies.


National award program editor, Sydney

As a publicist I always offer my business stories to Nina first. She knows which stories and angles will best suit the various media outlets she writes for. She clearly has great relationships with them because most stories get a run. One story I pitched to Nina was syndicated in over 100 newspapers/websites (I stopped counting at 100!). Obviously my client was ecstatic, as was I.  Nina makes me look good in the eyes of my clients. Glad to have her as my go-to girl.

Simone Heydon Handle Communications

Nina is a great writer who continually finds interesting angles and newsworthy stories. She’s a regular contributor for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and Brisbane Times with good reason.

Cara Waters Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age small business

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