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A media interview can be a daunting experience.

Get it right, and your business could be in the media headlines. Get it wrong, and your story could never see the light of day – or worse still, include comments you never meant to actually say.

What should you say? Should you open up? And what should you do if you say the wrong thing?

Anyone in a position of leadership needs to feel comfortable giving media interviews.

I’m conducting a limited number of media interview training sessions by phone each week.

Because some are amazing, and others are a complete flop – and often it’s the interviews with industry leaders that you think will be incredible that are actually the ones that are lacking that pizzazz.

This interview training is ideal for small business owners, CEOs, MDs, entrepreneurs, startup founders, marketing luminaries, advertising folks, government types and soloists – anyone who wants to be put through their paces by a working Australian business journalist and get honest feedback on how to improve the interview process, ahead of their next interview.

Book in today and let me help you nail that next media interview – to make sure your interview is less vanilla and more ‘hold the front page’.

Let’s get you ready for the next media interview

$ 980 + GST
  • 30 min mock interview
  • 30 min coaching session
  • Media story ideas
  • My interview preparation sheet
  • 30 min mock interview – Conducted by phone. I’ll come prepared with questions relevant to your business and put you through your paces.
  • 30 min coaching session – Conducted straight after the interview, where I’ll talk you through better ways to answer tricky media questions, and areas where you could improve on next time.
  • Interview transcription – Read back over the questions, and how you responded. These will be emailed to you a few days after the interview.
  • Media story ideas – After our interview, I’ll send you some potential story outlines from our interview that could generate media coverage for you or your business for you to pitch to the media at a later date.
  • My interview preparation sheet – Prepared by me, make sure you keep this handy. It gives you all the tips to make sure you’re ready to handle that media interview, including how to prepare for the interview, how to take control of the questioning and how to handle those tricky situations or questions.

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