My story

I’m a journalist. Always have been, always will be.

I worked in-house for major Australian newspaper and magazine groups, learning the craft of journalism under seven spirited and often courageous editors along the way. In that time, I’ve written on every conceivable topic – twice.

During my newspaper years, I loved chasing ambulances, covering the morbid stuff, the legal wrangles and political stories. During my business publishing years that followed, I spent five years running between the high rises of Melbourne, shaking business stories out of senior marketing, advertising and media folks for a business magazine.

I made a conscious decision to go freelance nearly a decade ago, and now write for several publications. I set my own news agenda and cover the stories that matter to me. I work for a core group of inspiring editors that rely on me to feed them stories that matter to their audiences. They come to me because I’m well connected in my area of expertise and always deliver a story that resonates with their audience. And I absolutely always meet deadline.

The interviews

I’ve interviewed business leaders, branding gurus, all the big advertising agency legends, trending experts, academics, marketing luminaries, powerful media moguls, company CEOs, entrepreneurs, finance and legal experts, small business owners and inspiring start-up founders.

As a wordsmith, I’ve been crafting content since before it was cool. I’m hired by entrepreneurs and small business owners to shape their story into a piece they can shop around to the media under their own byline. These often appear as thought leadership pieces, articles or blogs and can be shared in your own networks.

I’ve got my own network and channels to secure talent for interview, so provide me with the brief, and I’ll get on with crafting the article.